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We are Fife based photographers with a passion for food photography and hospitality events.

Taking good photos is one thing, but having a good appreciation and love for  food and cooking is another. We are huge food lovers and every picture we take tells a story.

We’ve been working with some of the best rated restaurants and culinary names in Scotland and we have created pictures for websites, portfolios, advertising, social media and much more.

We have travelled the length and breadth of Scotland taking photographs for restaurants, bars, artisan producers and food suppliers and private chefs.



TEL 075000 40 238

I manged to combine my two biggest passions: photography and love of food. I run my own website Tablaro where I share my reviews of the best places to eat in Scotland. I like to show beauty and simplicity of the food, reflect the texture, colour and scent. I believe in taking simple photographs, no more. If my photos make people’s mouth water, then my job is done.



TEL 07468410713

I specialise in event photography and if there is an event going on, I have to capture it. I love being around people and interacting with them and they love to pose and smile for me. I pay huge attention to details but people are always my main focus. For me, photography is fun and relaxing but at the same time challenging and rewarding. Have you got an event coming up? Let’s have a chat!