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Standard video post
Post with couple photos inside
Simple photographs, no more
Simple photographs, no more
'Food is a naturally beautiful subject to shoot'
'We love food photography because we generally love food'
Stimulate viewer’s appetite
Stimulate viewer’s appetite
'Our aim is to transmit textures, colours and even smell'
Capturing the moment
Capturing the moment
'We love to capture servings at the moment they arrive'
Food can tell many different stories
Food can tell many different stories
'If our pics are alluring and make people’s mouth water, then our work is well done'

Outstanding Food Photography

At GA Event Photography, we know that your food deserves to be beautifully photographed. Like cooking, food photography is an art and deserves to be presented like art. Mouth-watering images of your food will increase your social media reach and engagement. We can help deliver that. GA Event Photography provides outstanding food photography, that will whet your customer’s appetites, and leave them hungry for more. We can provide an ad hoc service that delivers your pictures to you when you need them.


Professional looking results

Let us help you make your event a success! We will capture every detail of your event, behind the scenes and out front, with passion and understanding. We know how much time and effort goes into creating an event, so we understand how important it is to execute event photography without a hitch. All of our events coverage is processed and delivered within 24 hrs, so you can use your best shots immediately.


We offer vibrant and creative photography

Every picture is worth a 1000 words and our aim is to create pictures that tell the story on their own with only a picture caption as a description.  Having high-quality images that support your PR story or advert and get your message across is critical and this is true whether it’s a small news item, a feature page or double page spread.


We are Fife based photographers with a passion for food photography and hospitality events.

Taking good photos is one thing, but having a good appreciation and love for  food and cooking is another. We are huge food lovers and every picture we take tells a story.

We’ve been working with some of the best rated restaurants and culinary names in Scotland and we have created pictures for websites, portfolios, advertising, social media and much more.

We have travelled the length and breadth of Scotland taking photographs for restaurants, bars, artisan producers and food suppliers and private chefs.


What they say about us ...